Ensuring that a clear, easy-to-understand description of government reforms and services is available

Training and support in the use of clear language

An hour-long course in clear administrative language has been put together by the Institute for the Languages of Finland and the Finnish Institute of Public Management (HAUS) for the new eOppiva learning environment (www.eoppiva.fi). The course can be taken anywhere, any time, and is available to everyone in the public sector.

Support for experimenting with the use of different communications channels

The idea is to encourage collaboration between different players, such as study material manufacturers and YouTubers. Not yet under way.

Design of an Open Government game is in progress, with completion scheduled for the end of 2018.

Preparation of guidance on the accessibility of online information

A beta version of the website www.saavutettavasti.fi was released in June 2018. The website is designed for use by communications staff in the public sector and anyone else engaged in designing and assembling online content. The website has a wide range of practical guidance on how the accessibility of online content can be improved easily. In May 2018, a workshop was organised to present the website and test the guidance in practice.

The aim is to further develop the website in collaboration with its users. A Facebook group has been set up for this purpose. More extensive publicity about the guidance and a bigger launch are planned for early autumn 2018.

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