Preparing clear, easy-to-understand information about the new county- level regional government, and providing clear communications on the regional government reform process as it takes place and the reasons for the changes

Clear information about the county-level regional government

The publicity campaign giving information about the new counties will continue. A website ( has been created for publicising information about the regional government reform and the new counties. A guide on cooperation between the counties and third-sector organisations has been produced as a collaborative exercise (Ministry of Justice/Advisory Board on Civil Society Policy, Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, Finnish Federation for Social Affairs and Health, North Karelian Society for Social Security).

In July 2018, a report was published on the role of third-sector organisations in the regional government, health and social services reform (reports and memorandums of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health 26/2018, online publication: The report was prepared by rapporteur Tuija Brax and commissioned by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. In the report, the rapporteur evaluated the operational scope and requirements for third-sector organisations and other third-sector actors in the new health and social services system. The report examined the operation of non-profit organisations whose goal is to promote health and social wellbeing.

Subject of third-sector organisations discussed in democracy and participation network concerning regional government reform and changeover support. Each of the new counties is to build up its cooperation with third-sector organisations.

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