Supporting everyone’s opportunity to participate

More attention to the inclusion and participation of children and young people in ministries’ preparatory work for decision-making

Putting this goal into effect includes further developing ways to mark Children’s Rights Day. In 2017, a Children’s Rights theme day was organised in Helsinki in collaboration with the Office of
the Ombudsman for Children and the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare. Speeches were given about topical child-related issues by both public officials and researchers at an event to mark the
centenary of Finland’s independence. The event also focused on what can be done together to ensure that child-impact analysis can be better used as a decision-making tool. Planning for the same theme day in 2018 is under way, and the Children’s Rights theme day this year will be held on 16 November.

The Ministry of Education and Culture is planning an analysis, assessment and research project to examine the practices followed in ministries and in legislative projects for taking the views of children and young people into account. The funding arrangements for the project are still unclear.

Promoting the inclusion and participation of vulnerable individuals

A Migrant Workshop was held on 7 March 2018 as part of the Open Government weeks. The discussion focused particularly on how to support individuals who are least able to ensure they are
socially included. The workshop considered how, for example, existing forms of inclusion and participation should be enhanced so that they also meet the needs of such vulnerable individuals. The work will continue by gathering information on good practices, giving attention to these matters in training provision, and increasing collaboration in the Open Government development work in the areas of immigration and integration.

Planning is under way for a theme day involving Older People’s Councils on 7 November 2018. The topics covered will include the regional government, health and social services reform and
preparing for old age. The intention is also to hear about good practices, discuss ideas and look for innovative approaches concerning the work and effectiveness of Older People’s Councils. Representatives from all the municipal and regional Older People’s Councils will be invited to the theme day. This is an annual event planned in collaboration between the relevant organisations and the ministries. While the event has been held before, the responsibility for its coordination has now been transferred to the Open Government programme.

During the programme period, the cooperation model for the Older People’s Councils and the Youth Councils will also be developed further for use at local and regional government level. The aim is to further refine the format on the basis of the day at Hollola. This work has not yet been started.


Support for different forms of inclusion and participation

A concise support pack was prepared for the Open Government material as a whole, and this included highlighting different forms of inclusion and participation. So far, about 1,000 copies of the printed version of the support pack have been given out. It is also available on the website.

The Ministry of Justice has engaged in active marketing and has trained central and local government employees in the use of the website. In 2017, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of the Environment decided that all the requests for opinions from these ministries are to be made online via the service. The other ministries and certain agencies, too, are increasingly becoming users of the service. The number of registered users of the service has almost doubled over the past year. The service currently has 2,386 registered organisations and 7,111 registered individuals. In 2016, the service had 29,746 visits and 97,463 views, and in 2017 the corresponding figures were 76,414 and 254,275.

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