Nuoret ja luottamus

Tule mukaan kuulemaan OECD:n nuorten osallisuutta, luottamusta ja sukupolvien välistä oikeudenmukaisuutta koskevasta työstä. Tilaisuus jakaantuu kahteen osaan. Ensimmäisessä OECD kertoo työn tuloksista ja jälkimmäisessä osassa pohditaan yhdessä mahdollisia jatkoaskelia Suomessa. Tervetuloa!

Tästä linkistä voit ilmoittautua tilaisuuteen 7.12. mennessä.

Tilaisuuden järjestävät valtiovarainministeriö ja OECD

OECD’s work and report on
Governance for Youth, Trust and Intergenerational Justice – what is in it for Finland?
Is our governance fit for all generations?
Join us –
Webinar and discussion on Tuesday 8th of December at 14 hrs (Helsinki time)

OECD has been doing extremely interesting and important work on youth, trust and intergenerational justice. The recently publish report is the first comparative assessment of the policies, laws, institutional capacities and governance tools put in place by 42 national governments and the European Union to promote youth empowerment and intergenerational justice. It sets benchmarks for cross-country comparisons in three main area 1) supporting youth’s transition to an autonomous life 2) Enhancing youth’s participation and representation in public life as well as trust in government and 3) delivering fair policy outcomes for all generations. Finally it provides practical insights for policy makers, civil society and young people seeking to build a present and future that leaves no generation behind.

Read more from OECD´s page: Governance for Youth, Trust and Intergenerational Justice

Programme Part I Introduction and general discussion

14.00 Welcome and the link of this work to public governance work in Finland – Katju Holkeri Ministry of Finance
14.05 What does the OECD report and work tell us? – Miriam Allam and Moritz Ader OECD
14.30 Q + A & discussion

Programme Part II for stakeholders – Mapping out possible future steps

14.45 Roundtable and discussion
15.30 Conclusions and possible next steps