Workshop for developing participation possibilities of immigrants

07.03.2018 08:30 - 11:30 Valtiovarainministeriön Paja-auditorio (Mariankatu 9, Helsinki)., Helsinki Karttaa ei ole saatavissa

Workshop for developing participation possibilities of immigrants

Developing participation possibilities of immigrants

Invitation to Open Government workshop 7.3.2018

Open Government – project organizes 7.3.2018 a workshop to develop participation possibilities of immigrants. The workshop will take place at Ministry of Finance’s meeting center at Mariankatu 9, Helsinki at its auditorium Paja. The workshop starts with coffee being served at 8.30 hrs and ends at 11.30 hrs after which there will be a salad lunch served until 12.00 hrs.

Finland participates in the international Open Government Partnership ( ). As part of this work Finland is currently implementing its third Open Government Action Plan. Its themes for 2017-2019 are understandability, open region and access to information.


The Action plan aims for example to

  • Enhance citizens’ possibilities to participate in the preparatory work of public administration’s decision making and development projects.
  • Take care of the accessibility of engagement and the availability of participation possibilities. The different forms of participation function only if citizens can find them.
  • Take care especially of the engagement possibilities of those who are in a vulnerable position, like children and special groups, will be strengthened.
  • Support the use of different forms of participation side by side. Different ways of participation can be for instance digital channels and services, different kinds of events and workshops, experiments and events.



As part of the implementation of this goal is the workshop aiming at developing the participation possibilities of immigrants.


The workshop’s goal is to

  • Discuss different ways of participation – what ways there are to influence and what kind of ways there should be?
  • Create basis for further development – what and how to develop ways to participate and influence?
  • On the basis of the results of the workshop the development works is continued in co-operation with interested organisations.


You are warmly welcome!    


Because of the lunch we kindly ask you to enroll in before 26.2.2018 via following link:

You may participate the workshop both in Finnish and in English. You can also forward the invitation in your organization.